Ala Carte Dinner Menu

Harlequin Public House will be closing the doors for the last time this Sunday 23rd April.

We would like to thank all of our loyal supporters, suppliers and staff both past and present.

We have loved showing you the hospitality love in the challenging environment of post earthquake Christchurch. We have kicked a few goals over the past few years which has given us much to smile about.

It is now time to move on to some new challenges. We have some exciting things planned both short and long term (all totally focused on our beloved Canterbury region).

If you are in the neighbourhood over the next few days please stop by and raise a glass to the future.

Thank You All & Much Love from The HPH Crew.

Steak tartare                                                    18.0
Ox tongue, fermented carrot & mustard   18.0
Chicken livers, beetroot & bacon                18.0
Snapper croquettes & green goddess       16.0
Mushroom risotto                                          18.0
Fried chicken sandwich                               16.5
HPH cheeseburger                                       18.0
Beef  rump & cafe de paris butter            29.0
Smoked fish pie                                            29.0
Pork loin sour cabbage and turnips         29.0
Chicken Cordon Bleu & coleslaw               29.0
Lamb shoulder, ruby chard & mint sauce  29.0
Whole Joints To Share
Whole beef cap (1.5kg)                   120.0
North Ledges’ potato puree                      11.0
Onion rings & buttermilk ranch               7.0
Crinkle cut fries                                             7.0
Garden Salad                                                8.0
Jerusalem Artichokes & pecorino             10.0
Pudding & Cheese
Kiwifruit & hokey pokey pavlova for two 20.0
Warm chocolate brownie                              15.0
Ten minutes with the cookie jar                  10.0
Lemon tart                                                      12.0
Little Publicans
Roma Burger (no dumb onion and stuff )      12.0
School lunch                                               12.0
Grilled cheese sandwich                           10.0
Pasta & alfredo sauce                               12.0
Ice cream, meringues & chocolate sauce 6.0
Please note that all items and prices are subject to change and seasonal availability